عدد البحوث : 12

تاريخ النشر : 2017

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Effect of Water Content, Temperature and NaCl on CO2 Corrosion of Carbon   steel (A106B) in Iraqi Crude Oil




Saad Ahmed Jafar1*       

Enaam Y. Abdel-Rahman2 




Mechanical and Physical Properties of Hybrid Cu-Graphite Composites Prepared via Powder Metallurgy Technique



Farouk M. Mahdi1*     

Jawadat A. Eaqoob2   

Fouad R. Muhialdeen3




Pressure - Settlement Characteristics of Shallow Foundations using Finite Element Method


                                                                                                  Adnan Jayed Zedan1 

    Hend Jamal Maulood2


Laminar Mixed Convective Nanofluid Flow in a Channel with Double Forward-Facing Steps: A Numerical Simulation Study



Omar. A. Hussein                                                              




Horizontal Deformation Monitoring of Kut Barrage-Iraq Using High Precision GNSS& Total Station



Reham Riyad Mahmoud                                                              

 Ghadah Hasan                                                              


An Experimental Study of Circular Cutout Hole Effect of Kevlar/epoxy-Al2O3 Composite under Subjected to Quasi-Static Compressive and Tensile Loading




 Ayad Abed Ramadhan 


 Experimental Study of a Strip Footing Under Inclined and Eccentric Load on Geogrid Reinforced Sandy soil



Jawdat K. Abbas1*      

Mohammed  A. Al-Zandi2   




Determination of Flow Through  Homogeneous Earth Dams with Triangular Toe Filter



Jawdat K. Abbas*




Analyzing the Health Risks Resulting From Extending the 400 KV High Voltage Transmission Lines on the Human




Mohammed Hassan Dervish  


Investigate the Heat Exchanger Efficiency of Hydraulic Liquid by Using the Beta Test Loop



Mugdad Hamid Rajab 


Preparation and Characterization of Activated Carbon from Household Waste Foods




Iman Hussein Zainulabdeen 


Rainfall Data Analysis and Study of Meteorological Draught in Iraq for the Period 1970-2010




Taymoor A. Awchi1*  

Ansam I. Jasim2






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