عدد البحوث : 11 غلاف الموقع

تاريخ النشر : 2016

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 اسم البحثالباحثون
1 Parametric Study for Nitrogen Separation from Air by Pressure Swing Adsorption Using Carbon Molecular Sieve Zaid A. Abdel-Rahman  , Abdulbasit H. Mhdi  , Heba S. Auob
2  Theoretical Study of Heat Transfer through a Sun Space Filled with a Porous Medium  Ahmed Tawfeeq Ahmed Al-Sammarraie  , Manar Salih Mahdi 
3  Design and Implementation of Decimation Filter for 13-bit Sigma-Delta ADC Based on FPGA  Khalid Khaleel Mohammed  , Mohammed Idrees Dawod 
4  Properties of Fresh and Hardened High Strength Steel Fibres Reinforced Self-Compacted Concrete  Saad Ali Al-Ta'an , Wail Nourildean Al-Rifaie , Khalid Ahmed Al-Neimee

Study the Effect of the Flow on the Performance of a shell and Tube Type
Heat Exchanger Using Experimental Design Technique

Zuher Hassan Abdullah , Saad Sami Farhan , Thamer K. Salem
6  Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Polymeric Drag Reducing Agent in Turbulent Pipe Flow  Izzat Niazzi Slaiman
7  Evaluation of Ground Water Quality Status by Using Water Quality Indices at Basheqa Region, Iraq  Mohammed Fakhar Al-Deen Ahmed
8  Proportioning of Lightweight Concrete by the Inclusions of Expanded Polystyrene Beads (EPS) and Foam Agent  Eethar Thanon Dawood , Ali Jihad Hamad
9  The Effects of Lime Addition and Fineness of Grinded Clinker on Properties of Portland Cement  Nadia S. Ismael , Mostafa N. Ghanim
10  Design of Current Mode MTCMOS Sense Amplifier with Low Power and High Speed  Luqman Sufer Ali  , Asmaa Salim Mayoof
11  Modeling and Simulation of Nonvolatile Memory Based on copper sulfide  Khalid Khaleel Mohammad
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