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College of Engineering


1. Chemical Engineering Department


Chemical Engineering Department was established in 1989 with a simple department does not exceed a certain laboratories and a limited number of owners. The practical part was carried out in the laboratories of the University of Baghdad and the Technology University as well until 1995 in addition to the external lecturers from these universities. Chemical Engineering Department accompanied the expansion and development of the university in providing the necessary capabilities of the laboratories and classrooms to keep up with scientific development and the graduation of specialized engineering staff. The process of construction and development of curricula, and the study plans during the course of the department, developing of the laboratories and classrooms are continuing to provide the appropriate conditions for the educational process, where the department now includes several labs.






2. Electrical Engineering Department


The Department of Electrical Engineering was established in 1993 and the first meal of the students was graduated in 1996-1997 The department receives students of preparatory study graduates of the scientific branch and prepares them in theory and practice in electronic subjects, communications, digital analogy, control and machinery in addition to students' graduation projects in topics within the specialty and gives students in the fourth year a certificate Initial engineering with a bachelor's degree. The electricity department does not contain branches other than general electricity. The department aims in the coming years to expand study and open other branches such as communications, capacity, machinery and electronics that are in line with development in the fields of life The society and the need for these specializations, and it also aims to open higher studies to study for a master’s degree in electrical engineering in addition to the above. The department is concerned with:

  • Reviewing the study plan and updating the curricula at different levels in a way that suits the specific breakthroughs that occurred in the world in the field of electricity in general and in electronic and communications in particular.
  • Paying special attention to graduation projects for students, provided that these projects are of advanced scientific and research value in addition to activating the graduation projects presentation course.
  • Attention to scientific research and urging faculty to it as a way to raise the quality of teaching performance, which in turn is reflected in the department in general and students in particular.
  • Attention to summer training for students and scientific trips, and the formation of a special committee for that, and assigning one of the teachers to follow it.
  • At the beginning of each academic year, the department forms permanent scientific, administrative, and technical committees associated with the head of the department and exercises its activities throughout the year.




 3. Mechanical Engineering Department 


Where the department was able, since its inception, to achieve its goals by preparing engineers with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with an engineering scientific background and skills that qualify them to enter the field of industry and scientific research and development and keep pace with progress in the world and be at the level of competition at the level of Iraqi universities, whether in the field of work or graduate studies as well as conducting Specialized academic and academic research to keep pace with the global scientific process, as well as applied research to translate engineering knowledge and its specialized applied theories into practical and applied reality, and the department also promotes the level of Lader teaching through developmental courses and research visits and loan services, participation of scientific conferences and seminars as well as providing specialized engineering consultancy to address the problems of the industrial sector and the preparation of technical and economic feasibility studies for industrial projects planned. With the development and expansion that took place at Tikrit University, the expansion and development of the mechanical engineering department in its buildings and the preparation of its affiliates included that development in the curriculum as well. Master's degree - in mechanical engineering in general, the study has expanded to add specializations such as my application, ability and production of minerals. Initial and higher studies in the department were distinguished by following the sober scientific method in developing study plans and supplying students The students ’pulp with everything new in the field of specialization. The department also focused its work on transferring experience and knowledge from the university to the fields of practical application and vice versa. The department had a pioneering role in scientific research.





4. Evironmental Engineering Department 


The Department of Environmental Engineering was established in the year 2006 within the College of Engineering - Tikrit University to grant a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering where it developed a comprehensive vocabulary to cover theoretical and practical aspects in the various fields of environmental engineering, where the department's academic program aims to prepare engineers with a sufficient amount of knowledge in various fields Environmental engineering with the necessary skills to work in this specialty and the ability to contribute to the development of environmental culture in the social context. In the field of environmental engineering consultancies, the department has always benefited from the research, academic and consulting experiences of the department’s teachers and used it within a mechanism to cooperate with the relevant state departments such as preparing environmental impact reports and organizing specialized research contracts in the field of the environment with the governorate departments and in a way that provides service to the community.

It is hoped to introduce postgraduate studies in the department in the coming years and the subject is under study, and there is a committee formed in the department in order to complete the requirements for opening postgraduate studies. At the present time, it is the responsibility of the advanced staff in the department to give lectures and supervise the masters students in the specialization of the environment in the Civil Engineering Department as well The department labs harness these students in order to accomplish their theses until the creation of graduate studies in the Department of Environmental Engineering where the master’s study (environment specialization) will stop at the Department of Civil Engineering at that time. As for the initial study, it was distinguished by following the sober scientific method Curricula and providing students with all that is new in the field of specialization. The Department of Environmental Engineering was an important role in the field of scientific research, and this was clarified by honoring the  Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for a number of the department’s teachers for their sobriety and excellence.

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