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Office name: Engineering Consulting Office - Tikrit University

Foundation year: 1991 AD

Postal address: Iraq - Salah al-Din Governorate - Tikrit University - College of Engineering


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  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   




A brief summary of the Engineering Consulting Office - Tikrit University

The engineering consulting office at Tikrit University is a specialized office that prepares designs and provides advisory and technical services and laboratory tests to the public and private sectors in the fields of civil, architectural, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering and everything related to engineering and environmental affairs.

Since its establishment in 1991, the office includes within its board of directors and work teams professors and consultants who are highly qualified, experienced and distinguished in the field of specialization in addition to the distinguished administrative and technical staff.

The office has always been providing its engineering and consulting services with high quality and the latest scientific and engineering technology and active contribution in establishing an outstanding level and performance for the sectors it serves. The office has contributed to the preparation of a large number of designs, soil investigation reports, environmental impact reports, economic feasibility studies and laboratory tests and supervision of project implementation in various engineering specialties. The office has also audited designs for various projects and supervised the rehabilitation of machines, production lines and factories in addition to providing scientific and engineering advice to sectors Various in support of the construction process and the urban renaissance of Iraq and its contribution in pushing the wheel of development and growth forward, and may God grant success.


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