1-Graduate elite engineers in different fields like civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, and environmental engineering to serve their community and country, and increase the scientific level for engineering cadre that helps in developing the country.

2-Conduct scientific research of academic nature to keep up with the development of applied research to translate engineering knowledge and theories to reality in order to solve the problems that the country face in all fields.

3-Participate in one way or another in designing, supervising, follow-up, consulting to re-build the country in its different engineering sectors like factories, buildings, bridges, and facilities.
4-Rooting scientific sobriety and make it a sign for this college according to the scientific standards.

5-Serious trying to assure the position of the college within the global colleges. A committee has been assigned to put plans and style to raise the academic performance of the college and make it among the international colleges.

6-Promot the level of teaching members through continuous courses, visits, participating in scientific conferences, and seminars.
7-Provide the community with elites of M. A. degrees in engineering specialties.
8-Preparing teaching staff to grant Ph.D. degree in all engineering specialties.
9-Develop of technical and administrative staff and keep up with modern methods of administrative work and computing systems in college’s units.
10-Continuous communication with various sectors of the state and stand on their problems and work together with the engineers and technicians to provide the theoretical and practical solutions to the plaguing problems that the College of Engineering face.

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