Number of scientific laboratories in each department of the faculty of engineering where they contain 900 devices serving allspecializations.

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DepartmentCapacity  StudentNo. of ClassNo. of labes
Civil engineering1508 6
Chemical engineering3508 12
Electrical engineering3508 7
Mechanical engineering2908 12
Environmental engineering2004 2

 .   Labs in each department

labs in environmental englabs in mechanical englabs in electrical englabs in chemical englabs in civil eng
Pollution and EnvironmentMineral Laboratory

Electrical Circuits

 Analysis constraction and material
Microbiology workships


 Organic soil mechanices
Soil PollutionThermodynamic


 Analytical chemistary saintary engineering
 Fluid Laboratory I

Digital Technology

 Fluid Flow Raod
 Fluid Laboratory II 


Mass Transfer  computer

Electronic capability

 Heat Transfer Geology
 Resistance Lab


 Numerical Method  
  Heat lab

Electrical Workshops

 Internal Combustion Engines  Petroleum and Unit operation  
 Transfer Lab  Computer  
 Air Conditioning Lab    
 Vibration Lab    
 Manufacturing Lab    




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