NoDepartment Initial studies  Postgraduate masters  Graduate studies PhD
1 civil engineering   available available available 
 2 chemical engineering available available --------
 3 electrical engineering available available --------
 4 mechanical engineering  available available --------
 5 environmental engineering available -------- --------



Mechanical Engineering Department    civil engineering DepartmentChemical Engineering DepartmentEnvironmental Engineering Department Electrical Engineering Department 
The first stage  Counting   Basic principles 1   Numerical Analysis - Fourth Stage  Etisalat -  third stage
The second phase Management   Basic principles 11 Engineering workshops  Statistics - second stage 
The third stage   part1 , part2construction   heat  Question networks Digital connections 
The fourth stage Analytics   petroleum  Mathematics 2 Electronic - second stage 
 Soil   reactor  Micro 1  Electronic - Fourth  stage
 Geologist   unit   Processing systems  Electronic capability  
 Concrete 4  Statistics and economics  Mathematics 1 Computer programming - second stage 
 Concrete 2   Membership  solid waste Engineering analyzes - fourth stage  
 Concrete 3   transition material  Engineering analyzes Digital technology 
 draw   Engineering analyzes  Principles of environmental engineering  Calculators 
 Irrigation and puncture   Equipment design processes  The question Engineering Drawing 
 Mathematics 2   Industrial processes    Mathematics - first stage 
 Create ways   Thermodynamic   Maths  
 Methods   control   Control - fourth stage  
 passage  Numerical methods   Networks 
 resistance   Calculators   Electron Physics - First Stage 
 Fluids Fluids 1   Electric power - third stage  
 Mechanical   Mathematics for the first stage   Measurements -   the third stage 
 Hydrology  Second stage mathematics    Domains - second stage 
 Servo     Electrical machines 
 Construction theory     Machinery - the third stage  
 Iron designs
    Power systems  
 Construction theory      Computer engineering - the third stage 
 reinforced concrete      Antennas - fourth stage
 Design of steel structures       
 to draw geometric     
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